About Me

My name is Alex Roqué and I am a Mechanical Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC).

My Final Thesis is entitled: “Thermal analysis with OpenFOAM® of a neutron flux furnace in order to study the thermal gradients in the sample”. Due to this thesis I knew OpenFOAM® and the difficulties that implies its usage, that is the reason why I decided to let the world know about my experience with this software.

In the first chapter I will talk about the Final Thesis itself, I will summarize the main report and the annexes. Later chapters will be focused on the usage of the software to solve the problem considered in this thesis.

In the future (not too distant future, hopefully), I intend to add a short user’s guide for beginners with the basic cases I started with when I was in my early days of OpenFOAM® for solving thermal problems.


My passions are nature, travelling, reading…