Geometry definition

sistemaA balance between the desired accuracy of the results, the number of nodes to be used and the computational load associated with the problem resolution must be found. According to this criterion the geometry has been meshed giving priority to the accuracy of the results in the sample. As it is shown in the pictures, the mesh is finest in the sample and gets coarser as the distance with the sample increases.


Mesh of the sample and support
Mesh of the heating system

Due to the software’s background and the method used to compute the radiative transport it is also necessary to mesh the medium (vaccum) that surrounds the solid components of the system. The mesh of the medium has been made following the same criterion used with the solid components.


Malla medio (vacío)
Mesh of the medium (vaccum)

The mesh generation process has been developed with the blockMesh application, althoug the geometry is considerably complex. The base mesh has been generated with this utility and, by means of other tools provided with OpenFOAM®, later the needed modifications have been done in order to get the final mesh shown in the pictures. Some examples of the utilites used in this thesis are: refineMesh, mirrorMesh, topoSet, createPatch

Material Properties